Tips to increase revenues at salons

Client acquisition and client retention are two of the most important aspects of any business, and spas and salons cannot overlook these aspects. Any salon, small or large, should aim for a high client retention rate.

When opening a new salon, the main focus is on client acquisition. Alongside new client acquisition, a high customer retention rate for these new clients is required to complement the efforts of constantly adding new clients for growth.

Adding new clients is the backbone of any business in any industry. New customers add to the revenue and bring fellow customers if the services are recommended through word of mouth or by referring your business to family, friends, neighbors, or even colleagues.

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In this blog, we are also putting some light on the main points that are going to help you make the foundation of your brand as some research also says that recurring customers can spend up to 120% more than new customers if trust develops over time.

A strong foundation leads to great brand building, client retention, and increasing ROI. Let’s dig in!

#1: Good Client Experience

A major aspect that helps you succeed is how you treat your clients. The infrastructure, communication, quality of service, and overall atmosphere of the salon are the main consideration of any client…it all happens subconsciously as the customer should feel comfortable, invited, and feels has a space of his own to get his services in a relaxed atmosphere. They’re not trying to judge you or anything, but how they feel when they get their haircut and makeup will determine if they come back for a second time.

Need tips on building great customer relationships?

Remember their likes, dislikes, and personal choices.

One of the most important acquisition techniques is having a great infographic website with services mentioned with extra services with some inaugural discounts like if a customer goes with more than 1 service, he can get the other one at a 10% discount and the third one at 15%. This can help attract clients. The other is that the client is very satisfied with the services.

The main reason for our mention of client retention is that just a 5% increase in client retention can help shoot up your profits with no extra investment. Good customer service and engagement will help return clients feel like elite clients.

When a client first enters your salon, pay attention to their preferences. Try to understand what services they are interested in. Ask whether they have any skin or hair allergies or concerns that should be kept in mind.
You can even ask them to fill out a form if they are willing, as it will help you make client profiles. so you won’t need to remember everything. You can just pull the database when the client visits, and voila!

Celebrate what makes you unique.

Looks are everything when it comes to the salon industry. The team uniform, salon theme, and ambiance are everything that will ultimately influence your client’s decision to revisit.

Decide on a theme based on your target audience for your salon. If your target audience is over 30, go for a retro and chic look.

However, if you are targeting a younger audience, then get a more hyped and colorful ambiance; go for selfie stations, pop references, etc.

If you have a different theme, then embrace your uniqueness, stick to it, and let it shine. Your theme will attract a more loyal and interested audience with similar tastes.

Provide Amenities Within the Salon

Wifi, water, snacks, and small in-store amenities like sanitizer sachets, napkins, and masks are a good way to impress your audience.

Make the experience pleasant and interesting. Comfy chairs, couches, footrests, and mirror size are also the amenities that your clients gaze at when in the salon.

#2: Salon Marketing Strategy

Even after a good service experience and great ambiance, some clients still need a little more. To retain such clients, you will need to service them a little extra. This is when client retention techniques come into play.

You need a specially curated strategy for such clients to come back. But how do you get clients to come back to the salon? Include the following below-listed tips, and you’ll be good to go.

Your salon retention marketing strategy could include:

Rewards Programs for Client Retention

Discounts are a good way to promote services and acquire new clients while retaining old ones as well. Set up rewards programs instead of discounts for your loyal customers.

You need to appreciate your old clients more than your new ones. We are not just aiming for a one-time visit, right? Make sure you do not upset your regular clients while trying to woo new ones.

Give a 10% discount on the next visit or a free pedicure or manicure on a transaction of $100 or more. A simple point system to redeem rewards can do the magic.


Do you promote your on-shelf products when a client visits your salon? If not, then you should.

You should make sure that they are aware that they are for sale, but not force them to buy those products. They’ll buy it again if they like the product. It can actually go from one to multiple products if they like. Do not miss out on repeat business and sales.

Do not forget that the more the customer purchases a product from you, will directly affect your retention rate.

Digital Marketing Efforts

Still not on social media? Why? To make sure that you are keeping up with the latest trends, you need to be active on social media.

Most of your clients are on social media, and to target them, you need to buckle up and be there too.

Strengthen your digital presence with:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SMS Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEM/ PPC

To get your promotion running, you know whom to contact. Reach us at if you need any help. Explore these channels to see what works best for your business and is within your budget.

Re-engagement Campaigns

Try to identify clients who haven’t visited you in a while and send them “we miss you” messages with a discount. It is one of the most tested techniques that work for almost everyone!

Tell them that you’d love to see them again. Include their names in the messages to make them more personalized. Make user journeys for retention and re-engagement campaigns to improve your retention rate.

Are you missing out on loyalty and reward points for your salon? You can have a loyalty program for repeat customers for customer retention.

#3: Go Digital with Hypedune for a Seamless Booking Process

How to increase clientele in a salon Keep up with the latest trends and surpass your competitors.

You need to ensure that you have a well-designed and secure online appointment booking system in place. A smooth booking system will get you to fill up your calendar quickly.

You need to master the art of rebooking. Instead of front-test booking, try investing in social media and a website.

Social Media

Investing in social media will help you streamline all the processes.

From social media conversations to team management, client bookings, ratings, and reviews, you can manage everything.

Apart from this, make sure that you have all the pricing details on your website. Being as transparent as you can helps build trust. Customers hate hidden charges.

#4: Create a Positive Workplace Culture

Your employees are the backbone of your salon. It all depends on how your team handles your clients.

In order to make sure that your salon is providing the best services at all times, you need to train your staff well.

Make sure they are polite, well-dressed, and professional. Get them on social media so that your clients can connect more.

A positive workplace can make a big difference in the attitude of your team. If they love working at your salon, it will automatically show in their behavior and their work.

Always remember: happy employees perform better.

Make sure you regularly train, delight, and motivate your team. Try running monthly competitions and rewarding the winners. A culture of recognition is great for staff morale and retention.


Client acquisition via our SEO services will help you get new clients. We have touched upon the client retention aspect prominently for your business growth, and it will not happen overnight. You need to actively work on it and make it happen. There are no particular client retention techniques that will help you get clients to stay; you need to find out what works best for you!

Great service experience, salon marketing ideas, booking processes, and client dealing will help you achieve your goal.

Test, trial, and see what works for you. Try to improve these gradually and continue to have your clients walk through your salon doors.

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