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Pay-per-click (PPC) is a pre-paid internet marketing or advertising model which is used to drive traffic to websites. Here the client or advertiser pays a search engine or publisher when the ad is clicked by the user.

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    The advantages of PPC marketing

    Pay Per Click or PPC is a paid or pre-paid online marketing tool that search engines like Google and Bing offer which in a way gives high preference to your website which is listed on these search engines to appear on the first page of search results to appear when a user searches with specific terms or keywords in conjunction with other websites. There are several offers and the price of search terms or keywords is decided by way of the auction but even in this case your website and web pages should be content driven, well-indexed, and relevant to the search made by users.

    What Are the Benefits of PPC?

    Short, and medium to long-term goals for your business can be achieved through Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Organic optimization takes time and PPC can be used in the interim and also as a quick lead-generation tool. Organic tools in the background will help create a sustainable pipeline of leads with our overall marketing strategy. Our aim is your return on investment and we will put our best efforts to:

    • Maximize your Return on Investments
    • Increase Quality Leads
    • Create Your Brand
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    Our Methodology

    Understanding and analyzing your business internally and with stakeholders from the client’s end and after doing a strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat (SWOT) analysis of our client’s business, we suggest ways and means to improve where we lack in terms of content, UX, customer engagement and after doing the back-end start your online marketing campaign. No solution fits all businesses, so a customer-centric customized strategy needs to roll out to help your business grow.

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    Choose Your Plan

    We Offer the Best PPC Packages and Amazing Pricing Plan

    Depending on the requirement of the business we offer different PPC Packages for Small businesses, Medium, and Large businesses. We help create a “Customized PPC Package” as per the needs of your business.

    Our PPC Services Will Help You Rank Your Website

    Most Frequent Questions

    Our responses to the most common questions. For any extra info, just ask us

    Pay Per Click or PPC is a pre-paid online marketing strategy, pay-per-click marketing allows your business to place local, countrywide, or international advertisements on the web. Any product, service, brand, or company can be promoted in search results, on websites, and even on social media platforms like Facebook, and Instagram. PPC ads can feature via written content text, images, audio, and via video.

    There are multiple targeting options that can be deployed via PPC. For example:

    • Can be a Device
    • Through Targeting of Location
    • Through Interests Shown by User

    Compared to traditional advertising, pay-per-click advertising operates on a different pricing model. Instead of paying for your ad upfront, the payment from your pre-paid account is deducted when someone clicks on your ad.

    This model is called pay-per-click advertising or marketing.

    PPC or CPC is used by popular search engines and social media platforms to deliver ads to users. Google Adwords or Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Cost per Click are examples of popular ad networks. These search engines and social media platforms are the medium on which users come looking for information and where PPC ads are created hence these are called ad networks.

    For your kind of product, services, or content, these ad networks can help you connect the audiences coming to these platforms, and hence can be used as unique targeting options for the users. Google and Microsoft Advertising, for instance, lets you promote your business across their search engines and are approved by the respective search engines. The social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram has Cost per Click model or charges per 1000 impressions and they leverage their strength for you to access their very high user base.

    The budget you allocate for your advertising spend on the ad network is called Ad spend, which can also be referred to as advertising spend. It is you who has to decide and fix a budget for ad networks, whether can range from monthly spending to a full-year budget. Generally, businesses use ad expenses to refer to the monthly budget they allocate for online ads.

    For example, you decide to spend $10000 monthly on ad spend: 

    • Google Ads ad spend: $5000
    • Microsoft Advertising ad spend: $1500
    • Facebook ad spend: $1500
    • Instagram ad spend: $1000

    Every business requirement is unique and with PPC advertising, an ad spend can be created that you feel is required by your business. It is your choice where you feel you get the best ROI and accordingly you can spend your budget. If you feel Facebook ads give you better visibility and leads you can invest there or if you have experienced that Google Ads give you better returns for the money spent you can put a substantial or whole part of your budget there or you can spread your ad spends with multiple search engines and social media platforms to maximize reach and ROI. If you want professional advise on how to invest your ad spend just ask us.

    We’ve managed PPC campaigns and recommend the right ad spend budget for your business with our professional PPC management services.

    There are more than 45% of page clicks on the ads that appear in search results. The best point is that the users who click on the PPC ads have double the chance to buy a product or service as these customers are focussed and looking at that product or service at that time.

    PPC ads help you reach people looking to purchase which can immediately bring positives to your sales. The PPC ads have the potential to deliver an average return on investment (ROI) of double the amount invested for every investment made. In the case of Google Ads, the returns can be higher as it has more than 80% market share.

    Every industry is unique and the prices for a PPC ad campaign vary with every industry, and business you do and the depend on smart campaign strategy. On average, a small business spends $300 and for medium, to large businesses, the spend can go up to $100 million per month. This band of price includes the total ad spend your business does and can include the additional expenses, like PPC campaign management services by the agency handling your account.

    Pay per Click (PPC) costs depend on multiple components as listed below:

    Bid Price: PPC is a bid model and in PPC, your own cost of product and services determine the bid amount you are willing to pay to use the advertiser platform for the user to click your ad.

    Since it is an auction module, even if you pay less than your bid, you will not be paying more than your bid amount.

    Targeting: Targeting, including groups and keywords, can also affect your PPC expenses. Higher costs are involved if you are bidding on a competitive keyword like “best salon in NYC,” as it has a high Pay per Click (PPC) and cost-per-click (CPC) as there are many competitors. 

    Ad quality: In pay-per-click advertising, the Quality score is also very important. Ad networks look at quality, relevant and authoritative content, and high-paying big brands just cannot use money power to pay-to-win in PPC because of this very reason.

    High-quality and relevant ads can maintain a higher reach than low-quality ads if the content, web pages, or website is not authentic.

    It is important to put your energy into building high-quality ads with reasonable not so costly bids for the most cost-effective ads. It is also important to consider the user experience before you launch an ad campaign. When your targeted audience sees your ads, it is essential that it makes an impact, and if the user requires that product or service he is attracted enough to click. Once the user does that, the content and your landing page should be worth the click for that client.

    The right PPC agency that values your budget and creates a competitive ad campaign strategy is necessary. Impact intensive, competitive, and an agency that treats your spending like its own will result in the right ROI else will result in wasted high bids, ad spends, and an endless cycle of high budget low returns campaigns. Hypedune will do justice to your budget by making your bid work for you and you will benefit with the right leads in a competitive campaign.

    There are several advantages to advertising with PPC ads offers in the marketplace, as listed below:

    • A wider reach that traditional advertising is not able to access 
    •  A customized PPC budget that can be changed as per your requirements
    • To maximize performance, react to campaign performance in real-time 
    • Leave competitors behind
    •  Increase brand awareness, achieve your targeted goals, augment purchases
    • It complements search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and other digital marketing initiatives

    PPC can offer a good ROI and hence it is effective as an online advertising strategy. If you want to grow your business online, as well as compete with top competitors, PPC can help you in many ways to increase your online presence and revenue and beat your competitors.

    Any and all businesses can advertise via the PPC model, for example:

    • Healthcare
    • Salon
    • Dental
    • Restaurants
    • Real Estate
    • HVAC companies
    • Insurance agencies
    • E-commerce stores
    • Manufacturers
    • Dentists
    • Heavy equipment dealers
    • And more

    The requirement of PPC for your kind of products or services can be gauged from searches on the internet. It will be even more prudent to use a PPC campaign in case there are negligible searches for your business as it will give a head start. 

    To reiterate, it means an excellent opportunity for your business. 

    Depending on your ad network, an ad-type PPC can work in different ways. Different search engines like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising use different algorithms for their ad auctions. 

    So, if you advertise on Google, you can expect the below:

    • A user searches for a product or a service, for example, the Google search engine
    • The pre-defined algorithm on Google launches the ad auction, by bringing together the relevant ads and their Quality Scores
    • Ad Rank is assigned as the auction looks at each ad’s bid, and quality and allocates it accordingly
    • The ads by Google are delivered in order of highest Ad Rank to lowest Ad Rank